Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yesterday was the 8th day in the month of July , Something happened and I felt bad , I was unhappy , I slept crying , I woke up still unhappy and I cried , seriouly surfing my phone thinking of someone to talk to , but I decided to write my thougts out instead .I know I will feel good

But why am I feeling this way ? there was mixed feelings , One part of me was saying God can and he will because he can do it , this part of me was trying to trust God , but the other part was so downcast and asking why? how ? when ? which is really not good .Imagine I was feeling this way because I wanted something and I didnt get it

So what happens when you want something bad and you dont get it?for me desperation is not an option , doubt is certainly not supposed to be an option but it sets in from time to time , I try to stay positive , Hopeful , expectant and believing , I guess the most silent times in our lives is the waiting period , that is how God checkmates we human beings , when we know we have to wait till he says or does something.Then you are stuck with God ooopps!!!but his also explain why people do different things to get what they want like prostitution,robbery and the host of others , a lot of things is going on in our world today because people just need to get what they want badly , so they opt for so many options , people cant just wait ,some dont even believe in doing it right to get it , instead they want the short and easiest way to it .

You see different things that seems like it,but its not it ,its not just it , you get turned down, runned down ,pressed,your hopes are rising , being built up , but all of a sudden,something happens and it all goes down like the tower of babel , you get confused like they did right there in babel.You are stuck with mixed feelings and it takes just you and you alone to have the faith to move on and go on , because weeping may endure , its just for a night but Joy comes in the morning , after the rain they say comes the sunshine and after the sunshine comes the rainbow , the rainbow has many colours ,so many colourful options, you look up and see the beauty of waiting for the rain to go down because the sun is going to shine if you hold out

So what happens when you want something so bad ?comments and suggestions needed



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last saturday I had to attend my Toastmaster's meeting though I was suppose to be at a friend's wedding,I ddint want to miss the wedding and dissapoint my dear friend , but I had to follow my passion first.

But in otherwords I couldnt even think of attending my friend's wedding earlier enough , this was because her so called tailor who was supposed to make my aso - ebi for me had not delivered it to me , we had an appointment for friday before the wedding day , and he promised heaven and earth that he was going to deliver , he even charged extra because he claimed he was going to do express Job .
I waited patiently on friday , my friend the bride has been checking on him to make sure he doesnt disspoint me , and she kept calling to give me the assurance that he was going to deliver the material before the close of business , poor babe she needed me by her side on her wedding day looking radiant in the SAID uniform ASO - EBI as my people will call it ,because the man refused to deliver , I got the courage to go for my Toastmaster's meeting the next morning , and he still promised to deliver for 9a.m at the venue of the meeting , Whaoooooo, I must have really trusted the guy , or maybe I gave him a benefit of doubt that being the first time he would treat me right to crave for his service again .

Unfortunately for the fortunate me , I was disspointed , his phone was switched off for some time , the phone was on and off , inbetween the meeting I would dial his number , and damn my credit finish (oopps!!!) , and my pretty friend and club member gave me her phone to call , because she was concerned , I called and behold he asked me to come over to an unknown place to get my material , I was disspointed , After the meeting I wanted to head straight for my choir reharsals , going for the wedding was no more an option , the tragedy of showing up without my own uniform like someone who didnt have money to purchase one .

Why , why is there so much dissapointment on the part of these people , tailors , hairdressers , mechanics , drycleaners , shoe cobblers, plumbers,blacksmiths the list is endless , and I kept asking why ,is it that the number of people doing this job is not enough? , or they get so much job than they can bear and end up disspointing their customers ?,Though there are people who do this Job on the high class range , they charge more and do it right e.g tiffany Amber , out of africa , Honda place and the likes of very big fashion houses and the host of others,but not everyone can afford them .One thing I notice is that some of them never say NO to an incoming Job , reason is because they Just want to make money , and with these the professionalism of their service drops , why would anyone bite more than he/she can chew ?,we all cant do these Jobs by ourselves and that is the reason why some people have chosen that line of profession and are empowered to deliver , the ironical part is some who are even deligent end up doing very bad Jobs for their customers , have had friends who complain of tailors who destoryed their materials ,mechanics who end up causing more havoc to cars than repair , What!!!!

But does it looks like no one has an answer to this issues , NO there is an answer if you ask me , people need to check themselves , if you know this is your line of business and profession,do your Job flawlessly , no one is perfect but dont bite more than you can chew , try and do what you have the capacity of doing and do it well , what is worth doing at all is worth doing well , and if you know you are into good enough continue to learn but not at the expense of your poor customers who are ready to let go part of their small earnings , these people should take their Jobs as services to humanity,

How do you want people to see you and the Job you are doing ?, do you even have the fear of God to treat people right ?, Is service to your fellow human being all about money ! money ! making money , No its worth more , what goes around comes around , if you do it right it would come back very right to you , but if you do it bad it would come back and hit you worse , need I say more , lets all do it right and if you are oportuned to tell them , because we cant do without them in our lifes ,shout it out DO IT RIGHT .

Just me

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The power of life and death is in the hands of God almighty ,this am very sure of because of recent happenings ,
Its so sad Michaeal Jackson is dead , he gave his all to his music , he had so much fan , there is no kid on the surface of a civilized country who didnt know MJ , I had this firend who loved him so much and always wanted to meet him ,despite all odds ,MJ was still loved by almost but not all ,he was a Musician , A father , A philantropist , A friend , A lover ,the list is endless ,But I took a keen interest in him after his death,I liked his songs so much,but not until his death i didnt take so much time to study his history ,from his childhood to adulthood till his death ,

As I was studying , I found out that ,he had so much ordeal while he was growing up that was of great detriment to his future , my search made me understand that the MJ is very shy and timid ,his father used to beat him when he was a little boy , he abused him and told him he had a big nose , he father molested ladies , and his brothers did this also , but all through this MJ didnt get involved , I blame his parents a lot for his death , I may not be 100% correct but I feel so much pity for MJ even now that he is dead , people are saying so much , stories here and there , some blame him for changing his skin colour not knowing he used to have a disease called UNIVERSAL VITILIGO , his love for children made people milk money from him claiming that he molested little boys , though he wasnt shown so much love when he was a kid , all these affected him phycologically , if his parents and his siblings will rethink ,they ddidnt manage the star/Talent in him very well , they themselves had so much ISSUES ,he grew up not even liking ladies after seeing all the father and brothers have done , he withdraw from the world after he had been bastardised by their stories ,he didnt have true friends , real friends ,he lived his life alone only with the help of maids and servant , but in the midst of all the crises going on within the POP star , any new song he released had a super message to pass across , nice lyrics ,videos that will sweep you off your feet , he did all he can for his music and people , but he got so little from the world ,he lived so much inbalance life , he had so MUCH OF MUSIC and VERY LTTILE OF a fullfilled LIFE ,

Whose friend , wife ,husband, sister , brother , daughter , son , cousin ,acquintant are you today , are they giving you so much while you are giving less of a little ?
On one hand, we must not be harsh and hard. But on the other hand, we must not be weak and excessively soft. We must not be irritable and impatient, flying off the handle and acting out of emotion.We must not be so mild mannered that we become doormats and whipping posts for those who will take advantage of us if we give them a chance. There is a time to be patient and forbearing, and there is a time to be firm and decisive. There is a time to "be not angry," and there is a time to display righteous indignation. It is wisdom to know when to do which.but above all BE ALL YOU CAN BE ,
Rest in Peace MJ

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

this is something have been pondering about , what is a relationship ?
A relationship is normally viewed as a connection between two individuals, such as a romantic or intimate relationship, or a parent-child relationship. Individuals can also have relationships with groups of people, its about personal growth , people coming together to explore their diffrent worlds and areas of expertise and to transfer those worlds and expertise into themselves , if we dont undeerstand this we we will loose out on the best of relationships ,it needs to be built and nutured so even if the relation is no more in the relationship you would have learnt or gained something , our souls have different worlds , we dont go into the relationship to say this is what we are ,we go into it to explore the worlds of others and to grow and to develop as we interact with one another , hence we begin to learn more things about ourselves and develop ourselves to become a better person ,it is going into a new world then binding takes place.
So completetion is finding completetion inside of us,